April 2015 - Stem cell mysteries unravelled

Interview with Prof. Austin Smith for Horizon 2020

April 2012 - New research: Illuminating embryonic stem cells

Collaboration between two EU funded projects 'Heroic' and 'EuroSyStem', has provided new insights into embryonic stem cells

February 2012 - PI's publication featured on publication cover

November 2011 - PI joins EMBO Young Investigator Programme

EuroSyStem's Dr Sophie Jarriault is among the 22 European scientists chosen to join the EMBO Young Investigator Programme.

October 2011 - Cambridge Stem Cells United

New Cambridge initiative to unite fundamental and translational stem cell research

October 2011 - Lay Report on EuroSyStem Progress

EuroStemCell release report on EuroSyStem for the general public

May 2011 - Nick Barker interviewed for Proteintech blog

API Nick Barker talks about his work and EuroSyStem for the Proteintech Group blog

April 2011 - European Court of Justice patenting case

Stem cell scientists have raised serious concerns about the impact of a possible ban on patents for techniques using human embryonic stem cells.

April 2011 - EuroSyStem Paper Singled Out

The Journal of Cell Science focuses on a paper from the Austin Smith lab

July 2011 - EuroSyStem Period 2 Report: Publishable Summary

April 2011 - Italy's Next Generation of Stem Cell Biologists

An ambitious event by Italian biologists and EuroStemCell promote stem cell science

December 2010 - Job Vacancy (Edinburgh)

Communications, Public Enagagement & Outreach Manager for EuroSyStem and OptiStem

December 2010 - Workshop in Computational Biology

Taking a computational approach

November 2010 - Transparency in Peer-Review

Bernd Pulverer reflects on peer review transparency at The EMBO Journal.

October 2010 - Third Call for European Stem Cell Group

Final open call for EuroSyStem research network

October 2010 - Austin Smith on Camera

EuroSyStem Coordinator on film for the Louis-Jeantet Prize

October 2010 - New members of the European Stem Cell Group

16 new members have been recruited to join the European Stem Cell Group and become API's of EuroSyStem.

August 2010 - Major Breakthrough by EuroSyStem Researchers

EuroSyStem researchers successfully reprogramme thymus cells as skin stem cells

July 2010 - Urban Lendahl Heads New Research Centre

EuroSyStem PI Urban Lendahl named as Scientific Director of the Wallenberg Institute for Regenerative Medicine

June 2010 - Leipzig makes software tools available

Software tools for analysing gene expression data and molecular interactions released by EuroSyStem Partner

June 2010 - Peer-Review Dispute Continues

New Scientist analyses peer-review performance amid continuing accusations of bias

May 2010 - European Stem Cell Group - 2010 Call for Members

EuroSyStem launches second open call for applications to join the European Stem Cell Group.

May 2010 - EuroSyStem PIs lead interdisciplinary discussion

Ingo Roeder and Markus Loeffler lead the discussion at StemCellMathLab

May 2010 - EuroStemCell connects public with stem cell research

Ambitious, 4-year project aims to unite researchers and help European citizens to engage with stem cell research.

April 2010 - Taking Stem Cells to British Schools

Ian Chambers and Emma Kemp fly the stem cell flag in Bury

April 2010 - New PIs to join EuroSyStem

Successful Innovative Project Awards applicants will join EuroSyStem as PIs.

March 2010 - School students discover stem cells

Italian school students enter the world of stem cells at the University of Milan's UniStem Day for high school students on 19th March 2010.

March 2010 - Outreach activities now available

Activities to help get stem cell scientists and the public talking to each other.

February 2010 - Italian stem cell scientists challenge goverment

EuroSyStem scientist Elena Cattaneo challenges Italian government - the story continues

February 2010 - Concerns over scientific publishing hit the news

EuroSyStem Coordinator Austin Smith has spoken out on the UK's BBC news

Jan 2010 - Austin Smith awarded Louis-Jeantet prize for Medicine

Dec 2009 - Innovative Project Awards: Open Funding Call

Up to 5 awards with relevance to systems biology of stem cells.

Nov 2009 - EuroSyStem and ESTOOLS connect European schools

EuroSyStem is running the UK end of a two-day stem cell event that will connect schools in the UK and Bulgaria.

Oct 2009 - EMBO conference report published by EuroSyStem PIs

A report on the Cambridge 2009 EMBO conference by Ingo Roeder and Freddy Radtke

Sept 2009 - Gordon conference report - Stem Cells & Cancer: Molecular mechanisms controlling normal and cancer stem cells

Michel Brouard reports on the 2009 second Gordon Conference on Stem cells and Cancer.

Sept 2009 - European Stem Cell Group founded: Members will become EuroSyStem Associate PIs

17 scientists from 10 countries join the new European Stem Cell Group

June 2009 - The X factors of stem cells

Ian Chambers and Simon Tomlinson review the transcription factor and pluripotency story so far

July 2009 - Switching on the power of stem cells

Cambridge scientists reveal how the protein Nanog gives stem cells their unique abilities

Feb 2009 - Scientists fight for academic freedom

EuroSyStem scientist Elena Cattaneo challenges Italian government

July 2009 - Open letter to Senior Editors of peer-review journals

EuroSyStem scientists join with colleagues in a call to improve the peer review process

7 July 2009 - EuroSyStem meets the public in Barcelona

Tariq Enver led a dynamic discussion at the ISSCR Public Symposium

3 July 2009 - EuroSyStem meets school students in Dorset, UK

Tariq Enver visits Bryanston School

25 June 2009 - Stem cell: what's in a name?

Shahragim Tajbakhsh comments on terminology in Nature Reports Stem Cells

June 2009 - Stem cells in the gut: an animated film

A visually stunning short animation of how stem cells work in the gut

April 2009 - European Stem Cell Group founded

EuroSyStem calls for Associate PIs to join the new European Stem Cell Group

11 Jan 2009 - Interview with Ingo Roeder, Leipzig

EuroSyStem brings theory and experiment together

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April 2015 - Stem cell mysteries unravelled

Interview with Prof. Austin Smith for Horizon 2020



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