2011 EuroSyStem Consortium Meeting
June 6th 2011 - June 10th 2011
Prague, Czech Republic

Hydra V 2009: European Summer School
For more details on the School please click here.
This year's Summer School was followed by two specialist workshops run by NeuroStemcell and OptiStem. These took place on September 26th - 27th 2009 at the same venue.

September 19th 2009 - September 25th 2009
Hydra, Greece

Bio-Imaging and Cell Tracking Workshop
A two day training workshop including demonstrations of live imaging and cell tracking. This will be combined with discussions and demonstrations of the latest imaging techniques and flourescent molecules. There are fully funded places available to EuroSyStem delegates.  External delegates pay 132 Euros for 2 days (not including accommodation).

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April 15th 2010 - April 16th 2010
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Advances in Stem Cell Research VI Conference
The EuroSyStem Project are running the 6th in this popular series of Advances in Stem Cell Research Conferences to be held in the easily accessible ski resort of Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.
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January 23rd 2012 - January 26th 2012
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Workgroup on Biology of Neural Systems
Workgroup for EuroSyStem members only.
December 4th 2011 - December 6th 2011
IFOM-IEO-Campus, Milan, Italy

4th International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation: "Quantitative stem cell biology – from models to applications"
This conference brought together experimentalists and clinicians with theoreticians to discuss latest experimental/clinical results, new theoretical concepts, and innovative technologies with an aim to foster a truly interdisciplinary, open-minded exchange of ideas.
Discussion themes included:
-  stem cell heterogeneity
-  stem cell fate decisions
-  stem cells in regeneration & development            
-  stem cells in disease & treatment
-  stem cell related bioengineering & biomaterial
-  theoretical stem cell biology
-  mathematical modelling
with a focus (but no restriction) on neural stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells and diabetes.
For more information visit the event website
July 18th 2012 - July 20th 2012
Dresden, Germany

Hydra IV 2008: European Summer School
Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
September 5th 2008 - September 12th 2008
Hydra, Greece

EuroSyStem Mid-Term Review & Annual Consortium Meeting 2010
The EuroSyStem Mid-Term Review and 2nd Annual Consortium Meeting will be held on consecutive days during this week.
June 28th 2010 - July 1st 2010
Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands

Hydra VIII 2012: European Summer School on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
This annual event, now in its 8th year, offers unique opportunities, including formal and informal sessions with top stem cell researchers in an unparalleled location.This years week lond event was attended by 54 delegates and 24 leading stem cell experts. 
The Summer School is open to Postgraduate research students, Postdoctoral researchers, Senior researchers, Clinical training fellows and Technicians from Universities, Research Institutes and Industry, working in stem cell biology or related fields.
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September 15th 2012 - September 21st 2012
Hydra, Greece

Communicating Stem Cell Research Workshop
Why communicate about your research? Who with? How? Find out by downloading the workshop handout. For a copy of the programme please click here.
May 12th 2009 - May 13th 2009
Edinburgh, UK.

EMBO Conference - Advances in Stem Cell Research: Development, Regeneration and Disease
The 3rd event in this EMBO Conference Series on Stem Cells. The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers with expertise on stem cell biology in Development, Regeneration and Disease.
This should be an opportune moment to discuss work in these areas with researchers who can share their experiences with different tissue systems, both at the basic and translational level. Visit for more details.
Organisers: Shahragim Tajbakhsh, Margaret Buckingham, Giulio Cossu.
April 6th 2011 - April 8th 2011
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Workshop in Computational Approaches to Stem Cell Biology II
Ingo Roeder and Ingmar Glauche organised this two-day training workshop on Computational Biology. The workshop intended to serve as a tutorial about mathematical and bioinformatics approaches in current stem cell biology. The objective of the workshop was to enable participants to understand and interpret modelling results (e.g. in the literature), not to become modellers themselves.
December 2nd 2010 - December 3rd 2010

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Advances in Stem Cell Research: Stem cells, systems and synthetic biology
EMBO Conference Series
To visit the conference website please click here.

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June 15th 2009 - June 17th 2009
Cambridge, UK

StemCellMathlab: 5th International Workshop on Concepts and Mathematical Models of Stem Cell Organization
Stem cell - "niche" interaction

This Workshop provides a platform for the discussion of theoretical concepts and quantitative modelling approaches in stem cell research.  The particular focus will be the role of the stem cell supporting microenvironment and its potential translation into biotechnological applications.
To apply email with your CV, a list of recent publications amd a statement of motivation to attend (max 1 page).  For full information see

Download the workshop flyer
May 17th 2010 - May 18th 2010
Dresden, Germany

Hydra VII 2011: European Summer School on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
An annual event, this provides a unique opportunity for formal and informal sessions with top stem cell researchers.
For more details visit
September 17th 2011 - September 23rd 2011
Hydra, Greece

Workshop in Computational Approaches to Stem Cell Biology I
This workshop provided a platform for the presentation and discussion of computational methods and data management tools that are available or are developed within the consortium. A particular focus was on dynamics (spatio-temporal) modelling approaches.
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January 12th 2009 - January 14th 2009
Leipzig, Germany

EuroSyStem Annual Consortium Meeting
June 18th 2009 - June 20th 2009
Cambridge, UK

Hydra VI 2010: European Summer School on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
From 11th to 18th September 2010, 54 young scientists came together with 24 leading stem cell experts for a unique training experience. Students from 13 countries attended the Summer School, made possible by the collaboration of three EU-funded stem cell research projects – EuroSyStem, OptiStem and NeuroStemCell.  
Now in its 6th highly successful year, the European Summer School covers fundamental concepts and examines issues in the field today, from the molecular circuitry that governs the behaviour of stem cells, to breaking therapies. The Summer School combines lectures, workshops and poster sessions with valuable opportunities for students to discuss and debate ideas directly with experts on the faculty. It was an intense week of learning and development that left students enthused and inspired:
“Thank you for organising this great, exciting and inspiring summer school”
 “I really appreciated the amazingly high quality of the speakers, of the discussions, as well as of the delegates, and I am really excited by the new interactions I could establish during my stay in Hydra.”
“It was a very good experience which broadened my knowledge and vision".
Download the Programme. For more details on the Summer School, please click here
September 11th 2010 - September 17th 2010
Hydra Island, Greece

Quantitative Omics Technologies
The main topics of this 2-day workshop were:

  • Data integration
  • High Throughput Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Quantitative Single Cell Analysis

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November 5th 2009 - November 6th 2009

For details of future stem cell events, meetings and conferences, please visit

For details of future stem cell events, meetings and conferences, please visit